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Keeping a Close Eye on Your Garage Door Springs

Keeping a Close Eye on Your Garage Door Springs
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Garage door springs have a number of natural enemies, from the forces of tension causing them to wear, to galvanic corrosion and rust which are certain to destroy them slowly if they go unchecked. The trouble is that springs often go unnoticed as you would normally not come into contact with them, unlike the opener and the remote.

This is possibly not a very fair outlook, since really there is no component in the system that should ever be regarded as more important than the others, since they each have an important job to do in the proper operating of the system. So here is a quick guide of a few things to look out for if you want to make sure you’re never bothered with a broken spring.

Listen to your springs

Keeping a Close Eye on Your Garage Door SpringsA squeaking spring is not always a sign that things are wrong, but more often than not it is. Performing moderate lubrication on either extension or torsion springs is essential, but it will also help you identify if there are any problems. If lubrication does not stop them from squeaking, then the problem is bigger than any mere need for oil, and you can be sure that the problem will persist unless the item is replaced, otherwise it will likely just keep getting worse and worse.

Is there any rust

Rust is an age old enemy of most alloys, and so there is no reason to think that this wouldn’t apply to springs. Damp garages or humid climates will almost certainly lead to rust and corrosion. Rust will severely weaken the strength and integrity of any item, and if you consider the amount of tension that either torsion or extension springs are expected to hold, you could imagine how quickly rust will damage such an item, aided by the pressure it is under. If the rust is not too severe, a bit of maintenance could probably get things right again with little time, effort or money. But a lot of rust should galvanize you to replace the spring altogether.

Avoid obstructions to your door

Be careful how you pack your garage. Avoid leaning objects up against the track or door, or having rolling objects anywhere near where it comes down. These objects will apply unwanted strain on your system that, quite frankly, they have not been built to account for, and could lead to severe damages being suffered by the springs.

Forget about DIY

We know it is tempting to go the DIY route when replacing broken springs, the technology seems simple enough and yes, it would save you money. However the job is not as easy as it looks if you are not an experienced professional. Fitting them incorrectly can be very dangerous for anyone using the garage, and the act of maintenance can lead to accidents which may damage your system, or can injure or even be fatal to you. It’s best to leave it to the professionals who know exactly what they are doing, and can get the job done right.

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