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The long list in this section covers several garage door topics that have been frequently asked by you, our dearest customers. The questions here are thoroughly compiled and answers provided to save you time. We endeavored to make this list as comprehensive as we possibly can. So scroll down and read on.

Why isn't it wise to install garage doors alone?

The heavy weight of garage doors is the prime reason why you should avoid their installation alone. Garage Door Repair New Port Richey also points out that garage door assembly is hard. Garage door parts must be connected properly or the door might fall. Even if it's installed ok, it might be noisy.

Why is the whole system vibrating when the door moves?

This happens when fasteners are not tightened. The first thing you should check is the garage door opener unit and whether it is properly secured on the angle iron. Pay equal attention to the bolts of the door arm and check all bolts of brackets supporting the tracks and rollers.

Will the company I hire for garage door replacement dispose my old garage?

Most companies will haul the replaced old garage door away for a small fee. There are those who will offer the disposal as a free service. You may want to consider this as one of the important factors to consider in choosing a garage door replacement company.

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