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These tips can be really helpful when you have garage door problems or want to repair parts properly

Use replacement rollers of the same size

When you get replacement garage door rollers, you have to ensure that they are of the same size as the originals. Otherwise, they will not be able to fit your door and run along its track. Our experts in garage door repair New Port Richey explain that most domestic garage doors use rollers which are 2 inches in size.

Provide lubrication to chain drive and screw drive openers

The chain drive and screw drive are made from metal and work quite hard. That is why the lack of proper lubrication can create extra friction and cause loud noise. Eventually it may lead to damage. You simply need to apply a thick layer of light lubricant on the drive as part of maintenance.

Be careful while using garage door lubricants

When using lubricants, be careful not to let them drip into the plastic or nylon parts like the door rollers. They may cause unwanted reactions. Also, don’t spray lubricants into the tracks as the enhanced slip can cause the garage door to lose balance. Additionally, don’t apply lubrication to dirty surfaces as it can only promote dirt accumulation.

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