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Protect Garage Door from Dirt and Freezing Cold

Protect Garage Door from Dirt and Freezing Cold
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How to Protect Your Garage Door from Dirt and Freezing Cold

Time is ruthless with humans, animals and objects, but the speed with which things decay also depends on the regular care and how quickly we take care of problems. If you abandon the mechanism of your garage doors to its fate, it will soon get very dirty and this filthiness will be transformed into mold that will penetrate the material and contaminate the indoor air. Many garage door parts may not be affected by mildew, but dust and lack of lubrication will result to their poor operation with mathematical precision and they will definitely age early, especially if they are exposed to very low temperatures.

Protect the door from the dirt

  •     You don't necessarily have to do garage door panel replacement. Dust can be removed easily with a sponge, clean water and mild soaps. You must dust the components keeping water away from the electric parts and you must scrub off carefully any signs of mold.Garage Door Maintenance
  •     Your garage is not a trash bin, where you can throw anything you don't want to keep in the living room. Keep what you really need and tidy up the garage because the contaminated air will harm your health and the junk lying on the floor may obstruct the entrance of the car or even the good performance of the garage doors.

Protect the door from the freezing cold

  •     You must make lubrication maintenance a habit, but not overdo it. You just need to keep track of the good performance of the door and make sure springs, cables, hinges, and all mechanical parts are fed with the right oils before the winter comes.
  •     Make sure the bottom seal is changed and there are no broken windows or other gaps, which may lead to energy loss. If your aluminum overhead doors are not insulated, there are great kits in the market and you can do it yourself.
  •     You should apply on the surface of the door and most mechanical parts special sprays, which can protect them during the low temperatures.
  •     Of course, when the heavy winter comes, these procedures must be repeated in accordance with the requirements of your mechanism and you must not forget to operate the door daily, even if you don't take your car out. Though, you must not keep it open for long to keep the warmth indoors intact.
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